Warwick's Past
Pindartown, an Indian village of note in pioneer days, was located on the Flint River in Worth County. For years it had the only post office in that section of the state.

Until just a few years ago, Warwick had schools, a train running through it with a depot that connected Cordele to Albany, and several businesses that do not exist anymore.

Worth County
Incorporated: December 20, 1853 * Population: 21,967 * Total Area: 569.8 Square miles * Sylvester (County Seat), Poulan, Sumner, Warwick, * Website: www.worthcounty.com * Address: 201 N Main Street, Sylvester, Georgia 31791-2100    *  Phone:  (229) 776-8200, Fax:  (229) 776-8212
Lake Blackshear

Named after General David Blackshear, who built Fort Early here in the War of 1812, Lake Blackshear was created in 1930 when the Flint River was dammed to provide cheap electricity. 

The Lake borders five counties, contains approximately 8,500 acres, has 77 miles of shoreline, an average depth of 20 feet and its average width is ¾ mile.  It spans about 15 miles, from Warwick northward.

North of Warwick, (on Hwy 280 between Americus and Cordele) is Georgia Veterans Memorial Park, an 8,700-acre park on the banks of Lake Blackshear.  Established as a permanent memorial to the U. S. Veterans who served, fought, and died for freedom, “Vets Park” contains a museum of tanks and aircraft from previous wars, hosts annual fireworks on the fourth of July, and welcomes travelers year round at the campgrounds, cabins or resort. 

The Grits Festival - Warwick
Second Saturday in April 
Watermelon Festival
Cordele GA late in June, beginning of July
Other Local Festivals
Sylvester Peanut Festival - First Weekend in October


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