Warwick Grits Festival 2007 - Just Plain Fun!




As I approached the downtown park area where the festival was set up, the parade was just getting started.  It was larger than usual and contained many lovely cars with beauty queens of various ages, old cars, tractors, horses, an ROTC group, and those loveable Shriners from the Hasan Temple.

I can't put my finger on the feeling, but this year's Grits Festival seemed different in Warwick.  Despite the war going on and the terrible things happening in the world, there was a relaxed atmosphere here and everyone was clearly having a good time.

(The activities actually start in the early morning for breakfast, as many foods are set out that are made with the corn meal type product GRITS.  There are contests in the morning for the most unusual and best tasting new recipe using grits as an ingredient.)

I was surprised by child after child with beautiful designs painted on their faces.  Butterflies, puppy dogs, spiderman!  It was awesome art work for a street festival.

Amy Stowe, the daughter in law of our nurse practitioner Pat Stowe, and her husband Carl who operates a Public Accountant business here in town, was in the gazebo singing.  Amy has performed on the White House lawn for the president and has several CDs for sale.

Food vendors with huge grills were busy cooking yummies, and local organizations sold cakes and baked goods.  

The booths selling trinkets, flags and leather wear offered us a more diversified and unique selection this year.  I didn't see anything that was ordinary or expected.

It seemed as if the people who had come to the festival were as interesting as the show that was put on.  One family with two baby carriages was stopped at a booth, and one of their carriages caught my eye.  It contained two "babies" in flowered necklaces resembling Hawaiian Leis.  See if you can spot them on the "people" page.  

I was disappointed to have to leave the festival so early, but it was also my granddaughter's birthday party.  We were glad, though, that the booths and pony rides and all the performers were able to get packed up before the storms hit that night.

A tornado hit pretty close to Warwick, between here and Arabi.  Our power was out for about 3 hours that night and we had a downpour of rain that made our yard look like we had installed a moat around our little house.

Despite the bad weather, no one was harmed, no houses severely damaged and the town is as lovely as it always was.






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The Grits Festival is held on the second Saturday of April each year.

Plan to be here in 2008!



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