Set Us As Your Home Page


If you are using Internet Explorer, look in the tool bar along the top, click on the heading "Tools".

Follow down the menu that appears, to the bottom where it says "Internet Options", click on that.

When the box opens that says "Home Page...Temporary Internet Files...History", you will find under the Home Page heading near the top, a box you can type the URL that you want to set as your home page. 

This means that whenever you open your browser, you will automatically go to this page first, so you don't have to type it in every time you'd like to visit our page.

If you are using Firefox, you will also look in the toolbar along the top, find the heading "Tools" and click on that.  A drop down menu will appear, follow it down to the bottom to "Options" and click there.

This box says "Startup...Downloads...System Defaults".  In the "Startup" area near the top, next to "home page" type in the URL you want to set as your home page.  Again, this means you will be taken to this page every time you open a new browser window.


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