Phoebe Putney Cancer Center

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John Perdue was a cancer patient at Phoebe in 2000.  He had an advanced stage tumor in his throat, and received chemo and radiation for 3 months.

In just 3 weeks from the beginning of treatment, the tumor vanished and has not returned in 7 years.

John credits Jesus for the healing, and is very thankful for the treatment he received at Phoebe.  The doctors remain vigilant and ready to catch anything that comes up, and with compassionate dedication to eradiating every sign of cancer on this earth, do everything in their power to meet the total needs of each patient.

Backed by a huge staff of nurses, secretaries and support personnel, they work tirelessly to obtain financial aid for each patient and provide nutrition, information on lifestyle changes and how to cope while fighting disease.

No patient is ever turned away, and every patient is a person in their eyes, not a number or a dollar sign.  Friendships formed here last a lifetime, and you will find the dignity you are searching for, at Phoebe Putney in Albany, GA.

Contact 229 312 2260 for information. This is the radiation oncology department.  Toll free 1 800 490 0684.


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