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The hollow dwelling birds, (such as the woodpeckers, bluebirds, Jenny wrens, chickadees and the nuthatch) are a vital part of the economy of our nation, and our farming families.  They are under attack from pesticides, disappearing habitat, logging and clear cutting the land.

Years ago, before there was widespread use of pesticides, it was the bird's job to keep the insects under control, and they did a very good job.  We always had a good harvest from our gardens and fields.

Just a few years ago, as I drove the few miles to my home near Arabi, I would see several pairs of woodpeckers and bluebirds.  Today we might see one a month.

What do these birds do for us?  For one thing, they eat the destructive pine beetle that is rotting our timber crops.

They eat many of the bugs and worms that assault your garden, and the farmer's crops.

Every one of us is impacted by the disappearance of these birds, even if we don't have a farm or forest of our own.

In grocery and hardware stores you can find all sorts of birdhouses, from the plastic to the painted and the attractive cedar home, but what you may not be aware of, is that most of these houses are uninhabitable to our birds and have not helped the situation at all.

If the house is made of a material that the bird can't hook its claws into and hold on, it can't land on it to get inside. 

Birds will not nest in a cedar birdhouse, and should not live in a painted or varnished house.  Varnish and paint have chemical fumes that can poison the birds inside the nest.

Bird houses should not be handled or cleaned out, and may remain empty until our scents wear off the wood.

Many hand made bird houses are built to the wrong specifications or have the wrong sized holes.  Besides the construction of the house, its proper placement is important as well, and you won't find that "area specific" information on the store bought house.

Birds are my passion and I'm building houses for the many varieties of small hollow dwelling birds to help them stage a comeback in the southern US.

I build houses in styles for hanging from trees or sitting on posts.

Every action that man takes impacts all of nature, and in this one act of installing a birdhouse on your property (several as you can afford them), you are helping to restore the balance of nature and eventually contribute to the "green" in your own pocket.  (Not to mention the benefit of having these beautiful feathered friends around for your grandchildren to see.)

Please call me to see these natural, simple and USEABLE birdhouses, and to order yours now.

If you don't get me, you'll get the answering machine and I'll call you back as soon as I step back in the house.

Watch this web page for more information about the birds to be posted soon, in articles and nesting information, and have a wonderful day!

Dan and Clairie Lewis, Arabi, GA

229 567-0031  

(Crisp, Worth and Turner County areas.)




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